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Pierre Cavalli – Plant a Seed

Pierre Cavalli – Un soir chez Norris (1971)

Din aceeași eră cu pink-floydzii.

Cachupa Psicadélica – 3/4 de Bô

Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi – Black

Som Nosso de Cada Dia – Pra Swingar

Când mi-am deschis cont bancar la ING peste tot în oraș am început să văd numai bănci ING. Când am trecut la Raiffeisen am început să descopăr în toate locurile bănci și bancomate Raiffeisen. Când am început să învăț Hindi am avut impresia că apăruse câte un restaurant indian la fiecare colț de stradă. Când m-am întors din Portugalia am început să aud peste tot portugheză. Și așa s-a nimerit să intru duminica într-un local și acolo, să vezi și să nu crezi, DJ-ul s-a nimerit să pună… tot muzică portugheză…

Ave Sangria – Lá Fora

Puține țări au o cultură a muzicii psihedelice cum o are Brazilia. Printre multele formațiuni se numără și Trupa cunoscută ulterior ca Ave Sangria, formată în anul 1969 sub numele de Tamarineira Village. În interiorul regiunii Paraíba trupa a întâlnit o țigancă. Ăsteia i-a plăcut muzica lor așa că a scris despre ei o poezie în care i-a botezat “aves sangrias” – păsări sângerânde.

The Rolling Stones – In Another Land

“I went to the studio one night and when I arrived at the studio Glyn (Johns) said, The session’s canceled, so I said, Oh, what a drag, ’cause it was quite a drive for me, about a 45 minute drive. And he said, Well… got any songs you want to mess around, try and demo and things? Nicky Hopkins was there on keyboards. I’m not sure whether Charlie was there or not. I can’t remember. And I said, Yeah, ’cause I’d been messing with this song. It was a bit, what I thought was kind of spacy, you know… a bit kind of Satanic Majesties-like. And psychedelic in a way. And he said, We’ll have a go at it and I just used those players and next door, in the other studio, were the Small Faces who were recording. And Steve Marriott came in and Ronnie Lane and they sang with me ’cause I just didn’t want to sing. So I used that tremolo effect on the voice ’cause I was really uptight about my singing – which I still am. And we just used effects and we tried all kinds of things and it came out quite nice and I went home sort of reasonably satisfied, with an experiment, if you like. And next day I got to the studio and we were just chatting about what we were going to do tonight and Glyn said, Hey, hang on, he said to Mick and Keith and Brian. He said, Hang on, have a listen to this, and put the tape on, played them a rough mix. They said, That’s really good, what is it? He said, Bill. He did it yesterday. And so they all liked it and they thought it fitted in so we put it on the album.”
– Bill Wyman (sursa)

Los Orientales de Paramonga – Lobos Al Escape

They were definitely on to something!

William Onyeabor – Atomic Bomb

Muzică folk din Nigeria. Enjoy. 🙂

Pink Floyd – The Gnome

Din era Syd Barrett.

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