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Alt J – In Cold Blood

11001110 10010100 is the UTF-8 code for “Δ” in binary. This line and the next spell it out in a slightly convoluted way: the first eight bits sung backwards, and the second loosely described. alt-J start the song by giving their name. Of course, alt-J is how you type Δ on a Mac.

Aurora covers Massive Attack ‘Teardrop’


Gojira & Planet H feat. Deliric – Fugi

RL Burnside – Let My Baby Ride

Descoperit prin Holy Motors.

Donald Byrd – Cristo Redentor

Scott Joplin – The Entertainer

Jah Bouks – Angola

The Fifth Dimension – Aquarius

Bob Marley – Is This Love (SKG Remix)

I wanna know…

Brock Berrigan

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